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27 March
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about me
Cici. 24 years old. College student, writer, artist. Complete and utter dork. I like good stories, shiny things, and scary movies. You're more likely to find me on tumblr than here, these days.

Favorites include: Jpop, Do As Infinity, NEWS, Arashi, AAA, Lead, SPYAIR, Marvel and DC, Bioware games, The Sims, and a bunch of other random stuff.

♥Things I have Written For:

  • The Avengers: Mostly Clint/Coulson, some Gen. No longer active; fics are on AO3.
  • NEWS: 99% TegoMass. No longer active; fics are on my fic community.

♥Things I Read/Lurk:

  • Arashi: Mostly Nino-pairs, but basically anything involving these dorks.
  • Dishonored, Mass Effect, and a few other games.
  • Some Marvel and DC pairs.
  • Anything else of interest.

friending policy

♥Please leave me a comment on my friends only post to be added! I'll probably friend you back if you do.
♥If you like, send me your Skype handle and we can chat :D

Check out my fic community, xborn_of_ashesx, or my AO3 account for fics.

contacts & links
Email: Please PM me instead
AO3: grydo2life
Tumblr: grydo2life

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