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Friends Only

This Journal is Friends Only

Mostly. The majority of this journal is personal, but fandom related things may occasionally be public. If you wish to friend me, please leave a comment on this post, or else I won't friend you back =]

Friending Policy and Contact Links can be found on my profile.

If you're here for my NEWS fanfiction, you can find it at xborn_of_ashesx. If you're here for my Avengers stuff, or anything else, you can probably find it on my AO3




I hope it's wonderful and fun and all kinds of awesome :3
(I promise to have your present done sometime this century :3 Although maybe not sometime this month XD)

Aug. 14th, 2011


I hope it was a great one for you :)

What, again?

lol. Apparently my fic community enjoys fucking with me.

The best part? This is the 99th entry on my journal. Excuse me; I have to go die of amusement, because seriously, the coincidence committee is clearly working over time here XDDD

(If you're wondering why this is so funny to me, please see this entry from November.)

Free cash for my friends =]

FREE CASH AND PRIZES 8D No, seriously. Check it out.

It occurred to me that I haven't advertised these on here yet, and I really should have. I know several of the people on my friend list are students and/or people who don't have jobs for various reasons. Being one of these people myself, I know how hard it can be to earn a little extra cash for the things we want. Sooo... check out these sites for a way to earn some easy money towards whatever you like.

My #1 go-to place when I have something I want but can't afford. Using this site, I've earned just over $130 in my spare time, and have gotten an iPod + speakers and charger, a few books, and over $100 in gift cards. And all I did was sit around and click a lot. Seriously, it's that easy. PR is fantastic; they've got great user support, tons of offers with guides to completing them all in the forums, plenty of prizes plus the option of getting gift cards at Amazon and eBay. The only downside to them is that they deal in points, which you exchange directly for the prizes/gift cards.
NOTE: I have a lovely little guide up HERE that will step new users through their first couple of offers. Using it, you should be able to make your first dollar in just a few minutes =] Give it a shot and see how easy it is.


PrizeRebel's sister site, by the same people. Just as trustworthy and legitimate; the only difference is that they deal in cash and will pay you directly to your paypal account. Awesome, right? And then there's...

Swag Bucks
You get paid to surf the web. Seriously. Sign up, use their search engine/toolbar instead of Google/Ask/whatever, and earn swag bucks, which you can exchange for prizes or cash. It's all done in small increments, but consider this. How often do you use a search engine every day? If there was a chance that, for every time you searched for something, you could earn a little bit of cash on the side... wouldn't you take advantage?

These sites are all for real. Prizerebel is my personal preference, because I've been using it the longest and have had the most success, but the other two are great. If you have a little bit of spare time and wouldn't mind earning a bit of cash here and there, give them a shot!

Feb. 7th, 2011


☆ お誕生日おめでとう☆
I hope it's a good one and a great year for you =] Love you, bb♥♥♥

New Look~♥

 Time for a new layout!
I actually designed and coded this one myself. 
Opinions? =]

Jpop Meme =D

 Snagged from Misa. Because she's awesome.

Day 1: Your favorite j-pop group
Day 2: Your ultimate j-pop bias
Day 3: Your favorite j-drama
Day 4: Your favorite j-drama actor
Day 5: Your favorite j-drama actress
Day 6: Your favorite j-pop song from your favorite group
Day 7: A j-pop song that makes you cry
Day 8: A j-pop song you know all the words to
Day 9: Your favorite j-pop performance
Day 10: A j-pop dance you’d like to learn
Day 11: Your favorite j-pop music video
Day 12: The very first j-pop song you’ve ever heard
Day 13: Your favorite j-drama scene
Day 14: A j-pop song that makes you instantly happy
Day 15: A j-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss
Day 16: Your favorite j-pop lyrics and translation
Day 17: A j-pop idol you wish was your older sibling
Day 18: A j-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling
Day 19: Your favorite interview of a j-pop idol or group
Day 20: Your favorite picture of your j-pop bias
Day 21: J-drama you can’t watch without crying
Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite j-pop group
Day 23: A picture of a j-pop idol who you think is underrated.
Day 24: Your favorite member ai moment
Day 25: Your favorite j-pop music video
Day 26: Your favorite body part of your bias
Day 27: Your favorite gif of your top bias.
Day 28: Your favorite j-pop variety show.
Day 29: A j-pop song you never get tired of.
Day 30: A j-pop idol that you thought you wouldn’t like but now love

Day Five is even lamer...Collapse )

I'm being stalked by a demon???

Why do I feel like I just stepped into a scene from The Omen?

Edit: Ironically, this is also entry number 66 on my journal. Wow, world, when you want to screw with people, you really go for it.

I talked with Atae Shinjiro...

...on Twitter today =D Check it out:

And I wasn't the only one, either ;D It's about time he got a Twitter. Now all we need... is Nishi =D